Why Us?

Works everywhere

Platform-agnostic map tiles with support for open source SDKs and libraries. Worldwide coverage on Web, Android, & iOS.

Super fast

Backed by vast infrastructure including 200+ CDNs so your users don’t have to wait for maps to load!

Worldwide coverage

From New York to Tokyo, get world-wide coverage via different map themes.


Sky is the limit. Effortlessly navigate between plans that allow 10,000 calls per day upto 10 billion.

Match your Style

Pick from a range of map themes that suit you best.


Clean, Clear, Beautiful map tiles to visualize anything and everything. Themes that put emphasis on roads, boundaries, and labels.


Stylized from the ground up to be easy on the eyes. Offers an excellent balance of visibility and comfort.


An appealing blend of reliable and informational map tiles. Light mode excels at presenting large amounts of data points in dense spaces.

Static Maps

Visualize location data as images. Show these off on your contact us page or store locator, embed them in emails or print them in your Marketing material. Static maps work on the web and mobile devices without any additional JavaScript library.

Customize Maps

Use one of our map themes or create your own by changing colors, icons, and fonts to match your brand.

Use cases